Educating children about the marine and freshwater environments around them is an important part of what Alaska Sea Grant does. One way we accomplish this is by participating in or leading summer science camps.

During the summer of 2018, our agents worked with elementary, middle and high school students during science camps in communities including St. Paul, Dillingham and Petersburg.

We also made classroom visits, took students out on research trips and worked one-on-one with interns.

In Unalaska and Ketchikan, local students also participated in Plate Watch, a program designed to create a standardized method for discovering invasive species and provide a platform for people to report and learn about invasive species in their area.

“Encouraging kids to participate in this research not only fosters a curiosity about science and the ocean environment but also provides them with the experience and tools to further investigate that world,” said Melissa Good, Unalaska-based Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory agent.

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