The Sea Grant programs in Alaska and Washington collaboratively released an updated edition of the popular “Fishermen’s Direct Marketing Manual” this year.

The manual is a how-to guide and reference book for commercial fishermen who wish to bypass processors and wholesalers and sell their catch directly to brokers, restaurants and other buyers. As the business climate of the seafood industry evolves, many fishermen are choosing to directly market their catch to capture more value.

The softcover book, also available as a free download, helps readers think through numerous issues so they can decide whether this business model is right for them. First published in the 1990s, the manual also provides much of what they need to know to launch a new business or fine-tune an existing one. It’s become a trusted, go-to resource for hundreds of fishermen and seafood entrepreneurs.

“When I began selling a portion of my catch, the ‘Fishermen’s Direct Marketing Manual’ was my single most valuable resource in navigating that brand-new arena. Now, 10 years later, I still refer to it as a comprehensive guide and reference,” said Shannon Ford, owner of Two If By Seafoods, based in Washington and Alaska.

The book was edited by Terry Johnson and Sue Keller with contributions from several Sea Grant colleagues, regulators and other content experts.

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